About Us

Mission Statement:

The Mission of "Concepts Review LLC. " is to provide a passionate learning environment and opportunities to prepare nurse leaders from all nursing practice for every American student and other individuals who may be willing to join the health care profession and to build a strong Christ like character, as well as to discover a Christ-Centered identity. This mission will accomplish through innovative, high quality, and accessible education in research and evidence-base practice, which will allow students to achieve their full physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social potential as a responsible citizen, leader, advocate, and member of the local, national, and international communities. This course will finally strive to accomplish its mission by creating an environment where individuals are encouraged and equipped to pursue their goals and create an irresistible environment led by skilled, trained professionals.

Vision Statement:

The vision for Concepts Review is to strive to accomplish its mission by creating an environment where nurses are encouraged to develop and apply the knowledge, skills, and values they have achieved through outstanding leadership abilities and to provide the community with positive leaders as insiders who will influence the outsiders with first-class innovations to create and foster optimal health care to every individual. Our vision is also to serve the community as a global magnet to attract the best students, faculty, and staff through a national and world wide educational program and to prepare students to enter the healthcare profession while being responsive to the ever-changing health care services from basic to advanced levels.